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Lorenzetti: “Ending impunity is a State policy”

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Ricardo Lorenzetti, headed this Monday a new meeting of the Forum on State Policies of the Court, a space constituted within the Supreme Court, which aims to promote debate as a pillar of the rule of law and which brings together students and young graduates from universities across the country.

In his dissertation, Lorenzetti assured that “State policies are decisions that are made as power. They are not decisions that obey a moment, a conjuncture, a circumstance, a momentary need, but they are decisions that are made thinking about the design of the country in the mid and long term”.

He added that, “This year, you’ve heard, at the opening of the judicial year, that ending impunity is a State policy and we required the judges, mainly in the criminal area, in the area of ​​drug trafficking and corruption, that they must be effective and that the necessary legal modifications must be made so that the effectiveness of the Judicial Power is possible ”.

“This is what we said last year. This is a State policy: end impunity because the Argentines want this to happen and especially because the country needs it. The credibility of institutions is closely linked to a public ethic, “he claimed.

The meeting, in which Lorenzetti talked about consumer defense, was held in the Court Hearing Room, located on the fourth floor of the Courthouse (Talcahuano 550).