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Lorenzetti gave a conference about the Amazon’s environmental situation

In occasion of the presentation of the his latest book “Environmental Law” in Paraguay, the justice of the Supreme Court of Argentina delivered a speech about the current state of law, the situation in the Amazons, the responsibility that emerges from the fires, the possibility of a transitional justice in regards to crimes against humanity in relation to the environment and the prevention based on environmental impact studies.

In addition, several people assisted to this event such as Eugenio Jiménez Rolón, president of the Court of Paraguay; Sheila Abed, former minister of Justice, and professor José Antonio Moreno Ruffinelli, together with directors from La Ley, judges and lawyers.

The book “Environmental Law” has been published in Argentina, Spain, Colombia and now in Paraguay. Now it will also be published in Brazil, Perú, México, Italy, France and the United States.